Senior Real Estate Specialist in Cincinnati

Pam Johnson is an independent realtor in Cincinnati who specializes in senior relocation services. When you choose Pam as your realtor, you get someone who is dedicated to helping your family through the entire process start to finish.

Pam’s Real Estate Services

Pam is a licensed realtor and is a senior real estate specialist. The majority of the clients she works with are seniors who are moving into a smaller home or a senior living community. Learn more about the real estate services that Pam offers.

Interested in learning more? Pam offers a free consultation. Reach out today to learn more.

How Pam Helps with Your Real Estate Services

  • Offers emotional support during the transition.
  • Go-to person from start to finish.
  • Helps to stage the current home to sell it.
  • Helps set up the space in their new environment.
  • Provides referrals for anything you’ll need or want following a sale.

Why You Should Choose Pam for Your Real Estate Services Needs

Pam Johnson is a licensed realtor and is a member of the National Association of Realtors. If you need a real estate agent to help with senior relocation, Pam is the best realtor in Cincinnati.

Learn More About Pam’s Unique Skill Set as a Realtor

A Problem Solver's Mentality

  • Has advanced her problem-solving skills in her 15 years as a realtor.
  • Can properly stage and showcase a home to make it more marketable.
  • Understands the Cincinnati real estate market.

Close Attention to Detail

  • Highly organized and communicates well.
  • Good at understanding the needs of her clients.
  • Proven track record with real estate sales.


  • Passionate work ethic and has a hustler mentality.
  • Takes an aggressive approach to sell property.
  • Promotes an efficient and painless process for all clients.

Highly Personable

  • Energetic and empathetic personality.
  • Honest and genuine and cares about others.
  • Gets fulfillment by serving others.

Knows the Cincinnati Market

  • Cincinnati is home to Pam.
  • Loves the Cincinnati tri-state area.
  • Has identified niches in the real estate market.

Expert Certifications

  • Licensed realtor.
  • Member of National Association of Realtors.

Overall, providing real estate services for seniors who need to move into a nursing home requires a high level of expertise, empathy, and attention to detail. With the right approach, however, you can help your clients navigate this difficult transition with confidence and ease. Let Pam Johnson be your senior transition specialist.

Pam Johnson

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