Real estate and auctions can be confusing. Pam Johnson is here to help make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

What is the difference between Pam and another realtor?

Pam offers more services. One call does it all.

How will my items be auctioned off?

It is either online or a live auction.

How much does it cost to do an auction?

The cost of an auction depends on the number of items sold and the size of the items sold.

How do I prepare for an auction?

The Pam Johnson team takes care of all the preparation for an auction.

How does an online auction differ from a live auction?

You need high quality photos and good descriptions for an online auction.

How do I know if my items will fit in my new home?

Our team goes and measures everything in the space so we know it will fit.

How long does it take to buy/sell a home?

When buying/selling a home, it depends on the type of loan or if you are paying cash. A loan typically takes 21-45 days. If you buy the home in cash, it takes about 14 days.

Pam Johnson

One Call Does It All