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Licensed Auction Services in Cincinnati

In addition to Pam’s services as a independent realtor, Pam also is a licensed auctioneer in the state of Ohio. If you are looking for ways to help increase profits after selling a senior’s home, taking items to auction is a great way to do that.

Pam’s Auction Services

To help earn some extra income following the sale of a senior home, Pam Johnson also offers auctions for the items in the home. Whether it’s a boat or antiques in the home, Pam can help auction it off.

Interested in learning more? Pam offers a free consultation. Reach out today to learn more.

How Pam Helps with Auctions

  • Licensed auctioneer in the state of Ohio.
  • Partnered with the premier auction company.
  • Drives top dollar for valuables in the auction.

    Why You Should Choose Pam for Your Auction Needs

    Pam Johnson has performed auctions for families across the Cincinnati tri-state area. As a licensed auctioneer, she can work with you to determine if something will sell at auction and works on a reasonable split on the profits.

    Learn More About Pam’s Unique Skill Set as a Licensed Auctioneer

    Simplifies the Process

    • The process starts with a free appraisal.
    • Wide-ranging knowledge allows her to determine what sells well.
    • Donates what does not sell at an auction.

    Large Customer Base Available

    • Pam has a stellar reputation as an auctioneer.
    • Markets and promotes your auction online.
    • Partnered with the best auction company in Ohio.

    Different Types Available

    • Offers in-person auctions throughout southern Ohio.
    • Offers online auctions where anyone can attend.
    • Takes care of everything related to the type of auction.

    You have already trusted Pam to sell your older loved ones’ home. Let her handle selling their valuables to help make it easier to move into their new location. Pam knows what sells well during an auction and what is best to be donated. She will work with you to make the moving and auction process as easy as possible. Choose Pam Johnson as your auctioneer today.

    Pam Johnson

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